Are you enjoying the sudden influx of strategy RPGs? If so, you’ll probably want to make a note in your diary for February 2023, which is when Redemption Reapers is planned to release. Due out on PS4, this project is being helmed by Fire Emblem luminary Masayuki Horikawa, who obviously knows a thing or two about the genre.

“Hope fades across the land following the sudden appearance of the ruthless Mort armies,” the press release reads. “Efficient as they are brutal, the macabre forces descend upon civilizations, leaving destruction in the wake of their nightly raids. As entire nations fall to the Mort onslaught, the Ashen Hawk Brigade, a contingent of mercenaries specialising in surprise tactics, band together to fight back against the invading legions.”

Thus ensues the tactical gameplay. You’ll be able to equip your team with weapons and armour to enhance their performance in combat, while unique skills will add depth to your approach. Personally, we’re not overly impressed with the macabre artstyle – it’s always nice to see something a little more vibrant, isn’t it? – but given the pedigree involved, we’re confident the gameplay will be good.