Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was a stunning PSP game when it first released on Sony’s handheld in 2007, but Square Enix has done an absolutely outstanding job remastering the release for PS5. While you’d expect a bump in quality on a cutting-edge new-gen console, you’ve got to respect how the company has upgraded virtually every asset, without losing the distinctive look of the original.

This side-by-side published by IGN really hammers home the glow-up the game’s gone through, as it shows how recognisable scenes and encounters have been transformed on new hardware.

Of course, in addition to looking better, it’s still a really good game, too – as pointed out in our Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion PS5 review. “It's hard not to enjoy the blatant fan service and completely over-the-top cinematics, while the overhauled combat system is infinitely better than it once was,” we beamed, after slapping a 7/10 score on the title.