PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 1

Each year, Sony reveals the PlayStation Wrap-Up, a way for users to see their year of PS5 and PS4 gaming in one sleek webpage. The site is live right now, and once you sign in, you'll be able to check out a variety of interesting facts and figures from your 2022 gaming habits.

Once logged in, you'll be presented with the four face button symbols. Clicking each one takes you to a different category. One tells you how much time you've spent playing games, and how you played them; another is all about which games you played the most; another tells you your Trophy triumphs; and the last one gets into your PS Plus-related activity.

After viewing all these stats, you can scroll down to find a redemption code for a free Astrobot-themed PSN avatar. There are a few different ones to earn, and the one you get depends on your personal PlayStation activity, which is kind of cool. You'll also be able to download and share a summary card, letting you compare your stats with your buddies. Here's this author's own example:

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 5
Image: Push Square

It's always nice to see a breakdown of this type of thing, and it's nicely presented here. Be aware that the site is only accessible from now until 13th January, so remember to have a look while you can. You might have some trouble using the site right now as a lot of people are trying to access it at the same time. Once you do get on, though, we'd love to hear about your PlayStation Wrap-Ups in the comments section below.

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