A new game based on the ever-growing Fate franchise has been announced. Titled Fate/Samurai Remnant, it's being published and developed by Koei Tecmo, with usual Fate developer Type-Moon supervising.

The official site says that it's an action RPG, and it's aiming for a 2023 worldwide release on both PS5 and PS4. You can catch a very brief glimpse of the project via the reveal trailer above — but don't go in expecting any gameplay footage.

We're not sure what to expect, really. The last Fate game we played was Fate/Extella Link on PS4 — a Warriors-style hack and slasher that was actually a lot of fun.

Hopefully it won't be long until we see this action RPG in, er, action. Are you a Fate fan? Summon some historical figures in the comments section below.

[source koeitecmoamerica.com]