Need for Speed Unbound PS5

EA has promised unprecedented customisation in Need for Speed Unbound, and that extends to the sound of your exhaust. Anyone who lives near a busy road will know Boy Racers love to make a racket, and in Criterion’s upcoming race-‘em-up you’ll be able to determine the timbre, tone, and much more of your car.

Judging by a GIF posted on the PS Blog, there are a variety of sliders available for you to mix the perfect roar for your engine. According to the developer, the game will use PS5’s power to then authentically place these sounds in 3D space, meaning audio will “bounce back off the walls of the city’s tallest buildings”.

The game will run at 60 frames-per-second in 4K, and will also feature much denser environments than you’d typically find on PS4 or previous consoles, meaning more traffic overall. And of course, you’ll feel every bump, scrape, and crash through haptic feedback. It’s always nice to see a game specifically designed to take advantage of new-gen hardware.