Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Warzone 2.0 is currently the shooter de jure, setting a new benchmark for polish and AAA fidelity in the now-familiar battle royale genre. As a free-to-play title, and one bearing the Call of Duty moniker, it was always going to attract a massive player base, and publisher Activision has confirmed that Warzone 2.0 drew in more than 25 million players in its first five days alone.

It's a pretty impressive feat, and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, considering we've been unable to tear ourselves away from the game (the new Escape From Tarkov-like game mode, DMZ, in particular). It hasn't been all smooth sailing, though, with an invisibility glitch and some Battle Pass chicanery causing players a measure of consternation.

How are you liking Warzone 2.0? Do you think it lives up to the hype, or is it just more of the same? Prepare for deployment in the comments section below.