Are you in the market for more relatively niche Neo Geo ports for your PS5 and PS4? Of course you are! As we’ve iterated on multiple occasions now, one of the secret best stories of the past five years has been the sheer number of retro compilations released on the PS Store, and Visco Collection looks like another doozy.

As the name implies, this is comprised of various works from the titular Visco Corporation, including Andro Dunos, Bang Bead, Captain Tomaday, Battle Flip Shot, Ganryu, Goal! Goal! Goal!, and Neo Drift Out. Thematically, this is all over the shop, spanning everything from soccer to shmups to isometric rally, but with publisher QUByte at the helm the emulation should be solid.

You can get a good look at all of the compilation’s included content in the trailer embedded above, but be sure to let us know if any of the titles tickle your fancy in the comments section below.