Trails into Reverie PS5 PS4

Trails into Reverie is due out in the summer of 2023 for both PS5 and PS4, acting as an epic epilogue to a number of series storylines, including the Trails of Cold Steel saga. It first released in Japan in 2020, but back then, there was no PS5 version. As such, the game's Western publisher, NIS America, has clarified how things will work when the game finally comes overseas to both of Sony's platforms.

The company has confirmed that there will be an "upgrade path" if you buy the game on PS4, but want to move over to PS5. The official press release does not say whether this is a free upgrade, however, so we're inclined to believe that you'll have to pay a fee. It also states that save data can't be carried over from PS4 to PS5, which might make things a little awkward.

Next up, the game will have some carryover bonuses, but because you can't transfer your saves between platforms, the bonuses will be made free for all PS5 players.

And then there's VR, weirdly enough. Trails into Reverie has a couple of specific scenarios that are viewable in VR, but it's only supported on PS4, not PS5. NISA clarifies that you can still enjoy these scenarios without VR, though — it's just an optional thing.

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