CD Projekt Red has revealed all kinds of additions and improvements coming to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition. Just to be clear, this is the PS5 version that's set to release on the 14th December. It'll be a free upgrade if you already own The Witcher 3 on PS4.

There's also a 'next-gen' trailer you can watch above, which should help you get hyped for Geralt's return.

Anyway, we've noted down all of the new stuff that was mentioned during the developer's gameplay livestream. It's sounding like a rather robust update.

  • Better visuals across the board on PS5, comparable to Ultra graphics settings on PC with enhanced assets and character models
  • A fully integrated photo mode
  • A new gameplay camera option, which positions the camera close to Geralt, over his right shoulder (a bit like the camera in God of War Ragnarok)
  • Two graphics settings on PS5: performance (60fps) and quality (30fps with raytracing)
  • Full DualSense controller support, with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in gameplay
  • New controls for Sign casting — hold down the trigger and press a Sign's assigned face button to use Signs without having to open the radial menu in combat
  • Much faster load times on PS5 when loading your game or fast travelling
  • The map now has filters, letting you disable or enable certain icons
  • Small gameplay tweaks and rebalancing throughout the game (to be fully detailed in upcoming patch notes)
  • New walking and running controls, giving you more control over Geralt's movement speed (optional)
  • Subtitles can be made larger
  • You can now pause the game during cutscenes
  • Simplified Chinese voice acting and localisation added
  • Improved localisation for other languages
  • Hybrid minimap option, which makes the minimap fade away after a set amount of time (until you press the focus button again)
  • A new quest inspired by Netflix's The Witcher series
  • New swords, armours, and items
  • Alternate outfit for Dandelion
  • Cross-save and cross-progression across all platforms

CD Projekt Red says that even more information is coming over the next few weeks, ahead of the enhanced port's launch. This will include full patch notes, so we'll be sure to post those when they're live.