More than 4,000 backers have ensured The Last of Us: Escape the Dark board game will indeed be manufactured as its Kickstarter closes in on accruing triple the pledge goal asked for. Produced by Themeborne, the company asked for £120,000 of funding. However, with 23 days still left to go, it has secured just shy of £360,000. As such, the board game will be produced with a standard version (£65) and Collector's Edition (£99) available.

The Kickstarter page reveals more about the board game itself, which will task up to five players to travel from the quarantine zone to "the reputed safe haven of Jackson while keeping everyone in the group alive". Along the way, you'll complete Chapter cards which throw up various scenarios that reward information, weapons, and equipment to be used later. You can play as Joel, Ellie, Tess, Bill, Tommy, and Marlene, with little statues of them part of the Collector's Edition.

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann comments on the board game on the Kickstarter page, explaining his love for previous Escape the Dark creations. "We're excited to see Joel, Ellie, and more of our beloved characters take on new life through stunning artwork and mechanics that immerse players in the world of The Last of Us."

With the Kickstarter still set to run for another three and a bit weeks, you've got more than enough time to secure your own copy of the board game. A £65 pledge guarantees you the standard version, with shipping expected to take place in December 2023. Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page.