Tekken 8 The Game Awards

Tekken 8 will be at The Game Awards in some capacity, as per a tweet from Twitch streamer and fighting game commentator Aris. The PS5 brawler, which was revealed during a State of Play broadcast earlier in the year, doesn't have a release date or a release window at the time of writing — but there have been whispers that it's targeting a 2023 launch. Putting in an appearance at a major event like The Game Awards suggests that Bandai Namco has reasonably big news to share.

And what about gameplay? We're yet to see some straight-up footage from the title, and only two characters have been confirmed so far, with series mainstays Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima trading blows in the aforementioned reveal trailer.

The Game Awards is shaping up to be quite a stacked show, based on what we know so far. Final Fantasy XVI is looking like a lock, and rumours of a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor refuse to go away. There's even been talk of Crash Bandicoot making a return.

What would you like to see from Tekken 8 at The Game Awards? Get those seven golden letters in the comments section below.

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