Sword of the Vagrant is an upcoming 2D action RPG in which players guide protagonist Vivian, the titular Vagrant, as she journeys through mysterious forests, ruined castles and haunted battlefields in search of the truth behind her own mysterious heritage. It's coming to PS5 and PS4 at the end of the month, on 30th November.

Interestingly enough, Sword of the Vagrant was initially released for PC via Steam back in 2018 simply as The Vagrant. It currently enjoys an overall Very Positive rating across over 6,000 user reviews, which is no small feat.

With smooth, action-based combat combined with a gorgeous design aesthetic reminiscent of something like Dragon's Crown, and considering the asking price is just $10, Sword of the Vagrant looks like one adventure that might be worth undertaking.

What do you think of Sword of the Vagrant? Plant your feet, steady your breathing, and remain on your guard in the comments section below.

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