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Twitch streamer GinoMachino has completed the world's first all-bosses no-hit run of Elden Ring in what is a titanic achievement of endurance and skill. Elden Ring has 165 boss encounters in total, and some of them are an absolute nightmare featuring multiple phases, so this is some truly impressive stuff.

The feat took GinoMachino two months to strategize and plan out and a month of trying actually to pull it off. The feat itself was accomplished in just over nine hours, which would be impressive enough in its own right, let alone doing it without taking a single point of damage.

Previously, GinoMachino has beaten Elden Ring using only bare fists, forsaking the many and varied weapons available. The dedication and commitment (or, put another way, the madness and insanity) of the Souls community is truly something else. We managed to platinum the game, and that was quite a commitment in its own right, and so cannot imagine attempting something like this.

You might think GinoMachino would want to take a well-deserved break from the game after completing such a torturous ordeal, and you would be wrong.

What do you think of GinoMachino's 165-boss no-hit achievement? How many do you think you could take down in such a manner? Git gud in the comments section below.

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