We have to imagine most SSX fans have long given up hope of a series revival, so to fill that trick-shaped hole, titles like Shredders might be the next best thing. Revealed for a PS5 release on 6th December 2022, it doesn't appear to be quite as flashy as the EA Sports Big franchise, but you can definitely pop off a cool move or two. Think Skate rather than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and that's what we seem to have here. Check out the trailer above.

Shredders has actually been knocking about for a little now after an Xbox Series X|S and PC release earlier this year. It has a Metacritic rating of 66, so if you're interested, set your expectations accordingly. "Break into the snowboarding event of the year in the hope of scoring a wildcard entry to an exclusive invitational. To prove you’re up to the challenge, master the art of park riding, buttering, rails, and massive kickers and earn your place in the world of snowboarding."

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