With the World Cup now officially upon us, publishers are scrambling to release their footie-themed software – and open world RPG Soccer Story is less than two weeks away. Due out on 29th November for PS5 and PS4, the tongue-in-cheek comedy-themed outing will see you assume the role of The Saviour of Soccer, as you battle a shady organisation that’s outlawed the beautiful game.

You’ll be using your ball skills to solve puzzles and uncover secrets as you explore, while also taking on some of the fiercest football teams known to man, including “literal sharks, toddlers, old-age pensioners, and ninjas”. If you happen to enjoy the arcade footie matches, then there’ll also be four player local multiplayer “with a full roster of teams and animal captains”.

And yes, it’s an RPG, so there’s a fishing minigame!

You can check out the trailer above for a better idea of the overall gameplay loop. Will this be scoring a spot on your console? Elastico your opinion into the comments section below.

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