THQ Nordic has released a new video for its upcoming platformer, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Developed by Purple Lamp, the studio behind the successful Battle for Bikini Bottom remake, it's already looking like a promising adventure. It's an interesting clip, as it highlights a couple of things that'll make fans happy.

Firstly, THQ Nordic reiterates the game's characters will be performed by all the actors from the show — yes, including Mr. Krabs this time — and not only that, it'll be fully dubbed in many languages. We've no doubt the cartoon has plenty of international fans, so this will be welcome news.

Secondly, the video features a previously unseen cutscene that presumably kicks off the game. SpongeBob comes into possession of some magical mermaid tears, and uses them to blow bubbles and make wishes for his friends. Obviously, things go awry, and the game will whisk you away on a sort of multi-dimensional journey to make it all right again. At least we kind of know why Patrick is turned into a balloon, now.

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