The release of Sonic Frontiers is approaching at blinding speeds, with the open-zone adventure set for launch on 8th November. Today we got a new trailer showing the spiky blue hedgehog trading blows with foes great and small, set to a soundtrack that transported us back to our angstier teenage years.

Despite an initially shaky first showing, we think Sonic Frontiers might actually end up surprising folks, and we will be quite interested to see where opinions fall once the game goes live. We've gotten to see the combat system in action before, but some of the encounters teased in the above video have us genuinely intrigued. But, what with God of War Ragnarok releasing the following day and that game having been awarded the rare and highly coveted 10/10 Push Square seal of approval, it might be one we will need to revisit in a few weeks time.

What do you think of Sonic Frontiers, where is your hype level at? Will you be dividing your time between it and Ragnarok, or going whole-hog on one or the other? Make some tough decisions in the comments section below.