Gloriously gory shooter Evil West has shown off its online co-op mode in a new trailer, and it looks like a good old bit of rootin' tootin' demon shootin' fun. We recently got an overview trailer for the title, which solidified this game as one to keep an eye on.

Evil West is set in a vampire-filled twist on the classic old western setting, and the addition of cooperative multiplayer is the cherry on top of an already lovely-looking sundae. Pitched as "simple and straightforward", both players will play as protagonist Jesse, although only the host will make progress in the campaign. It will, however, increase the difficulty, and the composition of enemies will change, so it might be best to play through this one in single-player first and save co-op for an extra outing with a friend.

What do you think of Evil West so far? Are you excited to banish vampires with friends when this one launches on 22nd November? Swap tales with your fellow cowpokes in the saloon, ahem, we mean in the comments section below.