AAA Alien Game PS5
Image: 20th Century Studios

According to a report from Insider Gaming, a new AAA game set in the sci-fi universe of the Alien film franchise is currently in development.

Sources, who provided Insider Gaming with documents and concept art under the condition of anonymity, suggest that the AAA survival-horror project, known by the codename "Marathon", is coming to current-generation consoles in Holiday 2023.

Insider Gaming was not able to verify the developer behind the project but learned that it takes inspiration from both the Dead Space and Resident Evil franchises. The same source suggested that a sequel to Alien: Isolation is also in the works, presumably with original developer Creative Assembly at the helm, but that "Marathon" is a different project entirely. Currently, Insider Gaming is working to provide corroboration on the matter.

Obviously, until verified, it's worth taking any and all rumours with a grain of salt, but it does present an intriguing possibility. Would you be excited to see the Alien universe get a big-budget release on current-gen consoles? Scream into the endless void of space in the comments section below.