It’s true what they say: the things that happen off the field affect what occurs on it. And with that in mind, developer Open Lab Games has concocted a strategy-based roller derby game where you’ll need to manage your team beyond the ring. The name? Well, Roller Drama works for us. It’s coming to PlayStation platforms next year.

“Lead a team of Roller Derby athletes to victory using strategy and real-time controls to smash the competition,” the official blurb reads. “Outside the ring, you'll have to manage five big personalities as they grapple with friendship, heartbreak, and the gradual collapse of late capitalist society. Your choices and the outcome of each match will affect the team’s ultimate fate.”

Personally, we’re not overly keen on the art direction, but we’re fascinated by the concept. You’ll need to carefully manage each individual personality to ensure they give maximum effort and performance when in the ring, leading to difficult decisions. To be honest, we’re not sure why more sports games haven’t integrated these kind of concepts – successful athletes rely on attitude and mentality almost as much as raw ability.