Hitman 2 PS4

There aren't any new PS Store sales to report on for the start of November 2022, but there is a Deal of the Week that's sure to interest fans of the Hitman series. The rebooted PS5, PS4 series is now on sale in its entirety, allowing you to pick up the full trilogy on the cheap or one of the individual games. You've got until 9th November 2022 to claim any of the discounts.

They are as follows:

It's worth keeping in mind none of the DLC is bundled in with these editions, and access to those expansions is not on sale at the time of writing. All of a high quality, we awarded the latest entry Hitman 3 a 9/10 in our PS5 review.

"On its own, Hitman 3 is a moody conclusion to a generation-defining trilogy, but when taken as a complete compilation, it’s the ultimate stealth sandbox. IO Interactive has honed its gameplay formula to perfection, and it’s on top form here, designing missions like Dartmoor where you can lose yourself for hours solving a murder mystery that’s largely separate to the events of the core game."