Coming out of nowhere, today we got a debut trailer for what is currently known as Project: The Perceiver. This Chinese open-world action game strikes us as a fascinating blend of Ghost of Tsushima-style exploration with the intense sword-fighting action of something like Sekiro.

We got an extended look at gameplay in the seven-minute-long trailer, and on top of just being drop-dead gorgeous, it all looks really slick. Like, immaculate. Nothing in the way of a release date or even a release window yet, of course, but we will be drooling over any additional details we can garner and will be sure to share any we get.

In addition to Black Myth Wukong and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it seems like we will be swimming in high-quality Chinese action games in the coming years. What do you think of Project: The Perceiver? Let us know in the comments section below.