Blacktail is a surreal action-adventure game set in a grim fairy-tale world inspired by Slavic folklore and based on the legend of Baba Yaga. You play as Yaga, a young girl accused of witchcraft, who must learn to survive in the wilderness by mastering the art of potion craft and by honing her skills with the bow.

We got a better understanding of what the moment-to-moment gameplay looks like in a new overview trailer. You will need to gather all kinds of nasty ingredients to produce varied concoctions, which can be used to craft poisoned arrowheads or potions to provide benefits. Monsters out of myth inhabit the woods and, depending on the decisions you make along the way, can hinder or harm you in the process.

What do you think of Blacktail, from what we have seen so far? Does this look like a journey you would want to undertake? Bring either mayhem or tranquillity to the comments section below.