Fortnite The Last of Us 2 PS4
Image: Push Square

It's no secret that a notable portion of PlayStation's first-party catalogue going forward will dip into the world of live service and multiplayer. One of these titles will almost certainly be Naughty Dog's upcoming multiplayer shooter, thought to be called The Last of Us Factions. We've heard next to nothing about the project, but it's been in the works for years, and you can bet it'll be full of all the usual Game as a Service bells and whistles.

Speaking of which, an interesting new hire means Naughty Dog now has a principal monetisation designer in its ranks. Anders Howard has been in the games industry a long time, serving more than seven years at Epic Games. While he was there, he "helped form the core of Battle Pass progression strategy" for Fortnite, according to his LinkedIn. He also consulted on the Battle Pass integration for Rocket League and Fall Guys.

He'll bring that experience on live service titles to the Last of Us multiplayer title. It was always a safe assumption the game would be structured in this way, but this more or less confirms a Battle Pass-style progression for Factions.

Hopefully we learn more about the game soon — it's been too long since we've had any official details. Are you excited for Factions?

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