Need for Speed Unbound is just under a month away at this point, and it looks pretty promising from what we've seen so far. A new gameplay trailer has just arrived, this time focusing on a new mode — Takeover.

These are replayable events that are all about driving with style to rack up points. Think of it a bit like gymkhana in the DiRT games (RIP), in which you build your score and multiplier by chaining together drifts, jumps, smashing specific objects, and more. Going by the trailer, you can practice the events by day, and then compete during the night. This will of course be additional to all the street racing goodness you'd expect from the franchise.

It makes sense to include a mode like this, as it matches up to Unbound's street art-inspired flair. What do you think of Takeover mode? Are you excited for the game? Do a donut in the comments section below.