Need for Speed Unbound PS5

Upcoming PS5 arcade racer Need for Speed Unbound is fast approaching its 2nd December release date, and we're looking forward to getting in the driver's seat. You know we're getting close to a game's launch day when Trophies start to appear online, and PSNProfiles is here once again with the full list of trinkets. You can view the list through here.

There aren't really any surprises to speak of. There are a handful of Trophies reserved for progression through the story, as well as some for finding all the open world's collectibles. Then you have some gongs for completing set numbers of small challenges like speed traps and long jumps, as well as setting certain scores in specific event types. It's mostly par for the course for a game like this, and seems like a pretty achievable Platinum.

Unfortunately, there are a few Trophies that'll task you with winning some rounds of online multiplayer. You'll need to win a playlist for each vehicle tier from B up to S+, so if you do want that top trinket, you may be in for a challenge.

Will you be going for the Plat in Need for Speed Unbound? Rev those engines in the comments section below.