Don't let the Xbox branding in the above trailer fool you; perspective-bending puzzler Superliminal is now available on PS5 as well, with a free upgrade for PS4 owners. Along with the new Developer and Challenger modes, Superliminal on PS5 enjoys 4K resolutions running at a buttery-smooth 60fps.

Fans of games like Portal 2 and The Stanley Parable will find a lot to love here, with the puzzles on display unlike virtually anything else out there. If you ever wanted to feel dumb briefly, but then smart generally, your search is over, and Superliminal is the game for you. It even features a multiplayer mode, which looks like it could get surprisingly chaotic.

What do you think of Superliminal and of puzzle games generally? Real, dedicated puzzle games, too, not ones where AI companions solve them before you have even had a chance to ponder. Think things through in the comments section below.