Jurassic World Evolution 2, the management simulation from Frontier, is getting an enormous expansion inspired by the latest movie, Dominion. Set shortly before the events of the film, you’ll “lead an ambitious Malta-based enterprise”, and will work alongside characters from the film – including Kayla Watts and Soyona Santos, all voiced by their original stars.

You’ll set up parks across three new Mediterranean islands, with a ton of new prehistoric species, variants, and skins – all inspired by the film. You’ll also find fresh buildings and equipment influenced by the sets from the film, and these will all be available to you in sandbox mode if you want to get extra creative.

The DLC will be available from 8th December, so you’ve got a little over a week left to wait to fulfil your Dominion fantasies. You can find a full breakdown of many of the new species over on the PS Blog, and of course if you haven’t picked this up yet, you can refer to our original Jurassic World Evolution 2 review through the link.

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