Flying just below the radar this week is the impending arrival of Marvel's Midnight Suns. Developed by XCOM studio Firaxis, this game combines its turn-based strategy chops with beloved comic book heroes, and it's looked fairly promising since its announcement. After a couple of delays, the title is very nearly here, and so it's launch trailer time.

It'll get you in the mood with a cinematic story setup, in which Doctor Strange loses his base of operations, Sanctum Sanctorum. Lilith, a demonic sorceress, has been brought back and is brainwashing heroes and villains to fend off the remaining opposition. The only hope is to resurrect the Hunter, Lilith's child, who previously put an end to her evil.

It's a fun trailer that sets the scene pretty well, albeit with some pretty hammy line delivery. There's no real gameplay as such, but to be fair, we've seen quite a lot of that across character-specific videos, such as Ghost Rider, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Are you excited for Marvel's Midnight Suns? Prepare for battle in the comments section below.