Like a Dragon: Ishin! looks like it will be a lot of fun when it launches in February, with its 19th-century schtick a welcome change from the more modern setting of the classic Yakuza games. Attendees of Twitchcon were able to go hands-on with the game, and SEGA has released a short video of some lucky players sharing their impressions.

Now obviously, we can't imagine SEGA would include the most negative takes they received, but we get a better look at the moment-to-moment gameplay, and we can't help but agree that Ishin! is looking like an intriguing take on what has come before. Set during the Bakamatsu period of Japanese history, players will don the iconic robes of the Shinsengumi (the emperor's secret police) as they seek to overthrow the last vestiges of the tyrannical Tokugawa shogunate, allowing Japan to take its place on the world's stage.

Are you excited by the semi-historical angle that Like a Dragon: Ishin! is leaning into? Or would you rather see a return to the mean streets of Kamurocho? Fight for freedom and progress in the comments section below.