Here's another reminder from us that Knockout City is a proper hidden gem of a multiplayer game. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about what's coming up next in the free-to-play dodgebrawler. Season 8, named High Society Heist, is kicking off soon, bringing a bit of film noir flair to the experience.

The new season introduces four new character skins known collectively as the Red Hand Crew, and some of them are unlockable via the new Brawl Pass. Additionally, a new premium bundle coming in January will let you play as Bebop and Rocksteady, two TMNT villains, after the turtles themselves showed up in Season 7.

Another new addition for this season is the Poison Ball, a new special ball type. Throw it, and when it hits a surface or a player, it'll emit a poison cloud capable of knocking your targets out. Charging the throw will make the cloud bigger.

A new playlist, Bank Ball, will be introduced too. In this mode, two teams aim to steal a particular ball from the field. Holding onto it earns points for your team, so it's all about possession this time. Interestingly, you'll get a burst of points if you knock out an opponent with the bank ball, so there's some risky plays you can make.

All this, as well as new contracts to fulfil and cosmetics to earn, starts on 29th November and lasts through to the end of February 2023. Will you be checking out High Society Heist? Dodge a wrench in the comments section below.