Guilty Gear Strive Special Showcase

Guilty Gear Strive developer Arc System Works has announced that a 'Special Showcase' will be happening next week, on the 21st November at 1PM Pacific, or 9PM UK time. The Japanese studio is partnering with IGN for whatever this ends up being, which is an interesting move.

Usually, fighting games save DLC character reveals or update news for their own events, like tournaments — but because this is its own thing, we're inclined to assume that there's something...bigger going on.

Arc System Works had previously said that Strive's next DLC fighter would be announced and released before the end of 2022. But again, if that was the only reveal the developer had up its sleeve, surely it would just wheel it out during the next major Guilty Gear tournament — like Arc Revo Japan, which is happening in early December.

It could be that crossplay is getting a launch date — but we're not sure that warrants a 'Special Showcase' either. Maybe Strive's getting a new and updated release? Perhaps sweeping gameplay changes are incoming? Whatever ends up happening, it should be an exciting time for Guilty Gear fans.

Do you have any hopes or dreams for this thing? Or is it just a character reveal? Pray for Slayer in the comments section below.