Octopath Traveler 2 is shaping up to be a real treat for JRPG fans in the new year, with its launch set for 24th February 2023. We got a new trailer today showing off two of the game's eight playable characters, Partitio the Merchant and Osvald the Scholar, along with the new Latent Powers battle mechanic.

Continuing in the tradition of the first Octopath Traveller (which was never released on PlayStation platforms), the music and art direction in the sequel are uniformly spectacular. The picaresque, HD-2D pixel art is staged against diorama-style backdrops and continues to look absolutely gorgeous.

We get to see how the unique abilities each character brings to the party play out on the overworld; Partitio can pay NPCs to adventure with him, while Osvald can apparently mug innocents, in addition to analysing foes' weaknesses on the battlefield.

Latent Powers appear to function similarly to how Limit Breaks would work in certain Final Fantasy games; by taking and dishing out damage, you fill a meter, allowing you to unleash a devastating special attack. Each character has its own, and all are visually stunning.

What do you think of Octopath Traveller 2? Are you looking forward to diving into this franchise for the first time, or did you try out the original elsewhere? Tell us your tale in the comments section below.

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