First revealed during the initial PS5 showcase all the way back in summer 2020, Goodbye Volcano High has reappeared in a new trailer that tags the title with a release next year. For PS5 and PS4, this updated look shares more gameplay, including dialogue options and what look like narrative choices. You also need to press buttons in time with the beat, which is always cool. Check it out above.

The song playing over the trailer is an original one that will be performed by the in-game band, Worm Drama. Goodbye Volcano High had already been delayed to this year, but this second pushback is related to issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the title's ambitious scope. "We care about this game and the story we're telling so much and want to deliver something that is in line with what we've always envisioned. It's what you deserve! We understand this delay might be disappointing, but we are confident this is the right decision and that it will be worth the wait."

"The emotional, high-stakes teenage narrative adventure will take players on a journey of self-discovery, deciding how to live their life to the fullest when they know that their days together are numbered," a press release explains.