Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Exclusive

We've known since its reveal that Final Fantasy XVI will be a PS5 console exclusive when it first launches in summer 2023. However, we haven't been told how long that exclusivity period will actually be — until now.

A new marketing montage from PlayStation features a glimpse of the upcoming action RPG, and as long as you don't blink, you should spot a caption that reads "PS5 exclusive for six months".

So, six months from its launch in the summer of 2023. Roughly speaking, that means Final Fantasy XVI will be available on at least one additional platform either near the end of that year, or in early 2024. Which platform will it be? Well, PC — or more specifically, the Epic Games Store — is the obvious answer, as it would likely follow the same path as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What do you make of this timed exclusivity stuff? Don't wait six whole months to play a game in the comments section below.