Season 3 of Fall Guys has officially begun, with the antics getting somewhat nautical this time around. Sunken Secrets will see players delving deep below the sea in search of fame and fortune, and finding new content in the process.

Apparently, there is a kind of meta-narrative to Fall Guys, so for those not in the know, thanks to player contributions during the Silent Memories event, Banana saved Silent up on the satellite, and now everything is underwater. Yep, we aren't sure what is going on either, but what we do know is there will be new game modes to dive into, like Blastlantis, which is a ruined obstacle course on which players will need to dodge explosive Blast Balls, and Kraken Slam, in which a many-legged beastie will attempt to destroy the rafts on which players are resting.

There are a bunch more activities, too, in addition to a stacked new Season Pass containing more than 100 levels of unlockable goodies for players to work through. For the full list of content coming to the game, check out the announcement at the official Fall Guys website.

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