Ah, we've been waiting for this one. The team over at Digital Foundry has put the recently released Evil West to the test on PS5, and the results are a bit disappointing. As was confirmed before the game's release, Evil West has two graphical settings on PS5: a quality mode which boasts 4K resolution at 30 frames-per-second, and a performance mode, which opts for just 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second.

Unfortunately, both modes leave something to be desired. As we noted in our positive Evil West PS5 review, we thought the performance mode was the way to go given how action-heavy the vampire-slaying adventure is — and Digital Foundry seem to agree. They report that the game's quality mode actually has some noticeable frame-pacing problems, despite the 30fps cap. This means that the game can appear to stutter when in motion, which obviously isn't ideal.

But the performance mode isn't perfect, either. That 1080p image can be decidedly muddy at times, and the bottom line is that it's just a surprisingly low resolution for what is a cross-gen release. In short, everything could be better than it is.

And hopefully, it will get better. There's every chance that Evil West will receive updates that improve its technical performance, although there hasn't been any official confirmation of that happening just yet.

Have you played Evil West? What are your thoughts on its performance? Try to hit a higher resolution in the comments section below.

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