We have had our eye on Wanted: Dead, from the makers of Ninja: Gaiden and Dead or Alive, for a while now, and so today's offering was a real treat. We got an extended look at gameplay in a new video, a full half-hour of guns, gore and goons getting clobbered. Come for the cringy dialogue, but stay for the over-the-top violence.

Featuring combos that incorporate both katana and pistol, combat is fast and freeform in Wanted: Dead, and looks like a ton of fun. We can't imagine its story will set the world on fire, which follows the exploits of Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad in a cyberpunk near-future. But honestly, with moves like this, it really doesn't need to.

What do you think of Wanted: Dead? Will you pick up a copy for that special someone in your life when the game launches on Valentine's Day, 2023? Display your prowess in the comments section below.

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