The World Cup is definitely not coming to free-to-play football sim eFootball – but, well, it also kinda is, right? Konami has announced the second season of soccer for its embattled Pro Evo reboot, which centres upon the International Cup Experience. This, along with the addition of 40 national teams, will see you compete against AI for the admittedly not-quite-so coveted prize. If you want to get more competitive, then you’ll be able to try out the eFootball International Cup, which has a prize pool of 1 billion eFootball coins.

New National Team Packs will be available for Dream Team, eFootball’s alternative to Ultimate Team, and these come with 11 players from each supported country, including France, Argentina, Brazil, and Japan. As part of each National Team Pack, you’ll get a guaranteed Big Time card, which is effectively a new digital card design reflecting an iconic moment from a superstar player’s career, either past or present.

Of course, there’s still no word on Master League mode, which is the eFootball feature most players are waiting for. That’s not due out until 2023, so if you’re not interested in this upcoming international event, there’s no real reason to re-download the soccer sim right now.