Destroy All Humans! multiplayer spin-off Clone Carnage has gone free to play on Xbox One and PC, basically everywhere except PS4, where the title will bizarrely set you back the princely sum of $0.02 / £0.20 / €0.25.

Originally released on 31st May for $12.99 / €12.99 / £9.99, that's still a pretty substantial saving, but also something of a head-scratcher. You will need PlayStation Plus to play this one online, so, you know, factor that into your budgeting.

The question remains: why is Clone Carnage not free to play on PS4? We have seen instances of some countries not allowing games rated for violence to be given away for legal reasons, but this listing is worldwide and has us stumped.

Clone Carnage looks like a bit of chaotic fun, and you can't go wrong with the entry price. Will you be checking this one out? Beam yourself directly into the comments section below.