Crisis Core Reunion PS5 PS4 File Size

It doesn't always make a notable difference, but when the PS5's touted file compression tech comes into play like this, it's well worth pointing out. As reported by the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, the file size for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is actually halved on Sony's current-gen console, when compared to the PS4 version.

The remastered action RPG is a fairly hefty 40.5GB on PS4, but it's cut down to a much more manageable 21GB on PS5. That's a pretty impressive drop-off, even if we are talking about what is essentially an overhauled PSP game.

To be fair though, it's one heck of an overhaul. We've been playing through Reunion for preview purposes, and the much improved visuals are a worthy talking point.

Does this difference in file size make a difference to you? Make just a bit more room on your PS5's SSD in the comments section below.