NBA 2K23 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

With both the NBA season now in full swing, everyone knows its prime time to hang with 2K Sports’ sim. Fortunately, its third season of content is almost upon us, with a wintery update incoming on 2nd December. As is always the case with NBA 2K23, content will span all major pillars of the release, including MyCareer and MyTeam.

What’s new, then? Well, whether you’re playing on PS5 or PS4, you can expect an overhaul to the City and GOAT Boat respectively, complete with seasonal decorations and, well, a Santa Claus outfit. That festive drip is reserved for Level 39 on new-gen, so you’ll need to play your heart out if you hope to achieve it. Fascinatingly, reach Level 40 and you’ll unlock some alternative Badge Patterns for your Core Badges, which will open up some interesting new build possibilities.

Oh, did we mention, you can also get a Magic Carpet as a new vehicle?

Elsewhere in MyTeam, Trae Young will become the first Level 40 Galaxy Opal, with a Free Agent Damian Lillard available from tip-off. Meanwhile, the Ascension board has been given a facelift, while Dark Matter cards are beginning to deploy – including the ultimate prize of a 99 overall Larry Bird, assuming you can complete all Trophy Cases.

You can read the full breakdown, including the additions coming to The W and new songs coming to the game’s soundtrack, in the latest NBA 2K Courtside Report. In the meantime, let us know if you’ll be ballin’ this Christmas in the comments section below.