Ken’s default look in Street Fighter 6 leans into more of a street style than long-time fans may be used to, but the original World Warrior has still got his classic threads knocking about. As part of a new Game Informer cover story, Capcom has revealed some brand new artwork of Ryu’s famous sparring partner, dressed in his iconic karate threads.

Here’s the nostalgic uniform:

Street Fighter 6 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Game Informer

And here’s the actual cover art, created by designer Goro Tokuda:

Street Fighter 6 PS5 PlayStation 5 2
Image: Game Informer

If you watch Game Informer’s cover story trailer, you’ll also spot some in-development footage of Ryu and Chun-Li duking it out in their nostalgic threads, so expect these to feature in the final game as well. In terms of the feature itself, the publication jetted out to Osaka to catch up with the development team, and it’ll be sharing much more information from its visit over the course of the month.