Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Everyone loves statistics, don’t they? Call of Duty has picked a move from the ol’ Spotify Wrapped playbook to promote the upcoming Warzone 2.0, sending out personalised trailers to everyone who tried the original Warzone with their stats inside. To be honest, ours aren’t overly impressive – we never won a game and only managed several hours – but we can imagine there are some truly wild statistics out there.

You can view your own trailer by visiting a specially prepared website named My Warzone Legacy and entering your Activision ID. You can then download the video to share on social media, which inevitably will help spread the word about the upcoming Warzone 2.0. Ultimately, it’s fun marketing, and we daresay it’ll be effective, too. How are your stats looking? Are you happy with how you performed in the Battle Royale?