Without giving too much away, this author has spent his entire life travelling on the Cross-City Line from Lichfield Trent Valley to Birmingham New Street, so the fact the real-life route marks the next major expansion for Train Sim World 3 is blowing our mind. The 37-mile track already appeared in Dovetail’s PC-based railway simulator, but is being upgraded and overhauled for PS5 and PS4 – it’s not often you get to see your local train station rendered on a PlayStation!

For railway aficionados, the route is famous for its Class 323, which anyone who’s travelled in and around the Birmingham area will know has a pretty iconic sound to it. “As with Train Sim World 3’s core routes, all the latest weather and lighting features bring the suburban areas to life, including the brand-new dynamic weather system, beautiful volumetric skies, and the new lighting system,” the press release reads. No amount of visual features will make Erdington look nice, however!

The add-on’s due out on 15th November, where it will cost £29.99/$39.99, but if you don’t already own Train Sim World 3 you’ll be able to purchase the Train Sim World 3: UK Birmingham Starter Pack which comes bundled with the Training Centre as well. Maybe we’ll head out and take some reference photos to see just how closely Dovetail has been able to recreate the iconic West Midlands route on PS5 and PS4.

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