Battlefield 2042 will be bundled in with the EA Play subscription service in a "few weeks" time alongside the launch of the game's third season of content. Granting you access to the full title and all of its post-launch support up until now, you'll be able to sample new weapons, map reworks, and changes to Specialists in Season 3.

In addition to what is already there, Battlefield 2042's third season of content shall offer "a new Specialist, all new Battle Pass, brand new hardware, and a new event, experiences and more with Battlefield Portal, alongside more improvements, fixes, and quality of life enhancements with each and every update". The XM8 LMG from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is being added to the weapon pool alongside Battlefield 3's A-91. The Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon classes are all being slightly reworked to improve aiming, reloading, have more ammo, and be able to stabilize their aim faster.

"Using the feedback that you’ve shared, we’ve also switched Irish into the Support role, with Crawford swapping in as an Engineer. Irish will therefore take Crawfords current trait, reviving downed teammates with additional gadget ammunition, and we’ll be developing a new trait for Crawford that will allow him to better specialize as an Engineer," the Battlefield Briefing post explains. As for the map reworks, it's Manifest and Breakaway undergoing changes. The former will be updated in patch 3.1 while the latter will be handed a facelift in 3.2.

Manifest will have redundant playspace removed as the HQ flags are brought closer together. Visibility will also be improved with better lighting and sightlines. Breakaway, meanwhile, moves the Oil Rig closer to the action and many flags have been moved entirely. "Ice and Snow shaders have also been reworked, helping to bring a new visual look to the map, and we’re excited to see you get hands on with this one in 2023. Our work to bring map improvements will continue next year beyond these two changes and we’re excited to show you what we’re doing next."

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