The more we see of Atomic Heart, the more we can't wait to dive into the Bioshock-esque shooter. With its Soviet setting and bombastic gameplay style, it certainly looks unique, if nothing else. We got an extended look at a boss fight courtesy of IGN's First coverage, which will continue throughout November, so if you are looking forward to this one, buckle up for some more juicy reveals.

In the trailer, we are introduced to a bizarre robotic boss that takes the form of a mechanical ball. Known as Hedgie, this fearsome opponent employs all manner of attacks, boasting an impressive arsenal of high-calibre weaponry and some more conventional physical techniques. Fast and capable of unleashing area-denying shock waves, Hedgie has us excited to see more of Atomic Heart’s boss encounters, and we hope they are all as outlandish as this one.

Atomic Hearts recently received a 21st February release date, and we can't wait. Are you as excited about this one as we are? Be prepared for anything in the comments section below.