Arad Chronicle: Kazan, formerly known as Project AK, is a console Soulslike currently being developed by Korean studio Neople, best known for the Dungeon Fighter Online series of PC brawlers. We got a new trailer showing off the promising-looking action RPG, although specific platforms or even a release window have yet to be revealed.

Not being a native Korean speaker, it's hard to be sure exactly what is going on, but apparently, this game is a standalone prequel of sorts set in the Dungeon Fighter Online universe. We might miss the finer points of the narrative setup, but the tone and art style certainly has our attention. Featuring forbidding castles, pestilential swamps, climactic boss encounters and oversized weaponry, we have all the ingredients for a worthy Soulslike, which is never a bad thing by our reckoning.

What do you think of Arad Chronicle: Kazan? What do you think a true Soulslike competitor needs to be successful? Prepare to die in the comments section below.

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