Multiplayer VR "super sword fighting action game" Altair Breaker is officially coming to PSVR2, and while there is no word on a release window as yet, we did get a trailer showing off the title's particular brand of melee combat in action.

In Altair Breaker, players will be able to use sword fighting techniques not physically possible in reality, with high-speed aerial attacks and ludicrous combos all par for the course. The best part is the inclusion of cooperative multiplayer for up to four people, so you can slice and dice towering robots with the whole squad.

Don't forget, you can register your interest for PSVR2 pre-orders starting 15th November, with invites being sent out via email, so make sure to keep an eye on that spam folder. Sony's next foray into the world of virtual reality launches on 22nd February, just a few short months away.

What do you think of Altair Breaker? Will you gather up a few friends and master the blade when it comes to PSVR2? Be on your guard in the comments section below.