Tekken 7 Balance Patch

What could well be the final balance adjustment patch for Tekken 7 is out now on PS4. The aging (but still very popular) fighting game launched for Sony's last-gen console back in 2017. Over the last five years or so, it's received four season passes featuring additional characters and stages, alongside numerous free updates that have gradually changed how the game is played.

Many thought that Tekken 7's previous patch, released in August, would be the last of its kind. And in a way, it might have been. That update was massive, but this new one fits on a single patch notes page. Primarily, it's designed to fix any lasting, minor bugs, and tweak some very specific moves.

Of course, with Tekken 8 now a reality, support for Tekken 7 will inevitably have to end soon — if it hasn't already. We don't yet know when Tekken 8 will launch, but we doubt that it's too far off. Either next year, or 2024 are certainly safe bets.

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